What is Power Taekwondo?

Power Taekwondo was established in 2006. It contains the key features of traditional ITF Taekwondo : Discipline, self defense, self confidence and combat training, combined with a balance of aerobic and circuit training. Under the ownership of Earle Wallbank 3rd Dan since 2017 who was trained by the club's founder Lara Stitt 4th Dan.

Why Taekwondo?

Most new students are interested in getting fit and toning the body, but find ordinary exercise classes boring or repetitive! With Power Taekwondo you will have the opportunity to improve your fitness in a more interesting way, with the added bonus of learning to defend yourself, whilst learning a new and valuable skill.

About the Instructors

Earle Wallbank, 3rd Dan, has been training since 1999 and teaching since January 2017. Supported by Paul Johnson, 3rd Dan, also training since 1999 and Stewart Seacombe, 2nd Dan, training since 1996.